Monday, September 9, 2013

Meet Our Newest Addition: Moon!

It is high time that I formally introduce the most recent member of our goat family.  My blog has failed to recognize her existence for nearly a week and a half, and that is just poor goat-blogger etiquette.  Moon (or Moonlight, or Moonshine, depending on mood and presence of children) is a four year old purebred Alpine doe. She is not currently in milk; however, after a date with a LaMancha buck in October, we hope she will start producing in March.

Moon quickly took over Cupcake's previous role of "queen" goat.  It is typical goat behavior to duke out their dominance structures like an awkward version of chick UFC.  Except they use their heads. Cupcake would rear up on her hind legs, wobble there for a second, then come crashing head first into Moon.  Then, Nibbles would try to follow suit.  Only, Nibbles would usually chicken out at the last second before their heads collided, and it would turn into an clumsy neck nuzzle that closely resembled cuddling.

In the end, Moon was the clear winner.  She now lords it over poor Nibbles, and my husband keeps making various threats that all involve firearms.  Of course, we're waiting for things to work themselves out naturally (right, hunny?).  We are also planning on building a barn, which will expand their sleeping quarters and hopefully ease the nighttime jostling that occurs when we put them to bed.  For now, we are excited about expanding our goat herd--even if Moon's status is somewhat probationary.

Moon (left) and Nibbles

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  1. Postscript: Perhaps all chick UFC is awkward, just of varying degrees. Goat fighting would fall into the "ungainly pummeling" category.