Monday, May 5, 2014

Kids, Kids, and more Kids!

The farm has burst into spring with a sudden flurry of activity. After months of silent plodding through the final throes of the harshest winter in recorded history, life is blossoming once again. Goats have given birth to frolicking bundles of curiosity, mallards grace the corner of our pond, and early spring flowers accent a virescent landscape. It is time to shake off the dust of winter and get outside!

Just Kidding!

Our goats gave birth to two sets of twins earlier this month, a process which is referred to as "kidding" in the goat world. With a high level of fear and excitement, Husband and I ran through darkness on a chilly April night. We opened to barn door to discover that during the few minutes it took for us to arrive, Cupcake already delivered two precious little doelings. We were thrilled with a quick birth and healthy kids! After making sure both babies were dry and nursing, we stumbled happily back to the house and fell into bed well after midnight.

Precisely 24 hours later, Moon went into labor. Moon was the only goat I bred to another full-size goat, and I was very excited about the prospect of a large doeling to add to our herd. When we arrived at the barn, I could tell she was struggling and needed some minor assistance. After a few minutes of pulling, the first kid arrived and a second followed minutes later. Moon delivered two beautiful, healthy.... bucklings! However, I was happy that everything went as well as it did; I had been pretty worried during those first few minutes.

Another Kid on the Way

We have one more goat yet to give birth, but this is a kid of another kind. We are excited to announce that we are expecting child #3 in October! I am thankful that the nausea is lifting just in time for the increase in farm activity, and I think my husband is fairly relieved, as well. He has been such a help these past few months--patiently enduring my many complaints and getting up early to do chores every morning before work while I lay sprawled on the couch. I am finally functional again, and we couldn't be happier! I blame the aforementioned nausea for my complete negligence in updating this blog, which also forced me to temporarily give up my blog with Mother Earth News. I have high hopes of rejoining their team in the future, but I have to admit that I am enjoying the break. Pregnancy brain does not encourage the flow of creative energy!!

I hope all of you are enjoying the (rather overdue) arrival of spring. Let's dig our hands into some dirt, soak in the tentative rays of sunshine, and rejoice in the flowers brought forth by rain.