Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Another Breeding Season in the Books

Breeding season was somewhat chaotic this year. Having a baby in October threw me off for a few months, leaving me scrambling to find a buck in late December. Our goats go into heat seasonally, from September-January, so missing it completely was a growing possibility. Thankfully, I found a registered Nigerian Dwarf buck in the area available for a three week lease. Leasing a buck would save me from frantically driving my girls over one at a time when they went into heat (like last year), so I jumped at the offer.

Enter Totes Ma Goats. I actually failed to ask the name of the buck when I picked him up.  I could not have a nameless goat running around our farm, so I left it to my eight year old daughter to name our temporary addition. I later found out his registered name is River-Raisin Whistler's Spitfire, but I still prefer Totes. He was a cute little thing, with a mohawk and a friendly personality, and he didn't even stink that much. Or maybe my farm nose is just becoming acclimated.

Totes, mid jump, attempting to flee from Bass

Most Nigerian Dwarf goats are small, and Totes was no exception. His fuzzy mohawk reached just halfway up the shoulder on most of our full-sized does. Because of the height discrepancy, breeding required a little more involvement than I would prefer. And, that's all I will say about that.

If all goes as planned, we will have five bred does on our farm due to kid in June. I am so excited for another round of goat babies, as well as fresh milk flowing on our farm again! These long winter days have been dragging on me and planning for "farming season" is now consuming my thoughts. I am ready to get out from behind this computer and put my hands in some dirt!