Sunday, July 14, 2013

Baby Chicks

Our broody hens managed to hatch six little chicks this last week!  The hens have been hiding under the coop with their nests for months now.  I gave up on them hatching any after throwing out two batches of rotten eggs, but they were so adamant that I had a hard time preventing them from trying once more. The other morning I walked out to do chores and was shocked to see little puff balls running out to greet me! As I've always raised baby chicks separated from the other chickens, it's so much fun to watch the hens mother them.  At the first sense of danger, the mother hen clucks and all of the chicks run under her wings.

Update on the chipmunk situation:  still no sign.  However, the cat did manage to drag in a live mouse last night, which we caught after some difficulty.  I think it's time to replace that screen.

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