Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Mornings on the Farm

Mornings begin early.  The husband is usually up somewhere during the five o'clock hour, off to our garage gym.  I can usually hear the olympic weights slamming into the ground at a steady pace about the time my alarm goes off.  Many times we'll meet at the door just as I'm stumbling downstairs--he's drenched in sweat from the already brutally humid summer morning, and I've yet to succeed in fully opening my eyes after another long night up with our youngest.  The sun pierces through the tree line outside the kitchen window.  I grab my first cup of coffee.

I can't handle stress before drinking my coffee.  I must be surrounded by peace and serenity-the kind that is catered to you in a downtown coffee shop.  Norah Jones or Ray LaMontagne plays softly in the background and everyone speaks in low voices, though most are buried in some obscure and highly intellectual read or listening to podcasts of This American Life.  I want my coffee poured for me and handed to me with a smile and a "have a great day."

My coffee is usually gulped in between chaotic moments.  The dog dashes to the door, knocking over a kitten and bumping into me (and my full cup of coffee) on the way. Sage wakes up two hours too soon, while I race to console her before it becomes permanent.  Matt rushes through the kitchen looking for the lunch that I (yet again) didn't have time to pack.  

However, there are many moments of peace found in between the chaos.  The birds' morning songs linger in the still, heavy air.  A Blue Heron flies over our pond, croaking for its mate.  The roosters crow in the coop, already jostling into position for their race to the feed tray.  The goats are patiently waiting for their hay and oats.  There's a rhythm out here, and one that I feel innately a part of.  These real moments are far better than the conjured tranquility that coffee shops attempt to produce.  This is living and breathing life--a life I'm ever thankful for. 

Even though the dog is now eating garbage in the driveway.

Update: I caught the chipmunk.  And the mole that the cat dragged in after that.  And now said cat is in heat.  Lovely.

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