Friday, August 2, 2013

Farmer's Update

Our garden is bursting into life!  Most of it is from the vegetables (the pumpkins are especially happy right now), but the weeds are doing what they can to add to the effect.  I have finally given up the ongoing fight against them, as I think the veggie plants are big enough to hold their own now.  The weeds did have clay soil to their advantage, which was an excellent defense.  When I would attack them, they would simply break off above the roots and regrow.  Well played.  However, I have chicken poo and rotting leaves awaiting deployment this fall.  We'll see who will be the vanquished one next year!

Early June

We now have our first (and only...) CSA share up and running!  Our garden is currently producing broccoli, purple beans, peas, poblano peppers, carrots, swiss chard, and cherry tomatoes.  The cucumbers, winter squash, corn, and chocolate bell peppers seem to be nearly ready.  Half of my herb garden is doing well; the sage, oregano, and parsley are all surviving.  Thyme is dead (don't you love thymely puns!), and my basil isn't looking so hot.
Purple Beans!

Sadly, three more baby chicks were born and then expired in quick order.  The heartwarming verdict was "pecked to death by mother hen." We are currently in the process of moving them out from under the coop, which is a rather glamorous process.  One person remains on their hands and knees in the chicken poo and pokes at the chicks with a pitchfork, while the other ushers them into their new digs.  

Speaking of glamorous jobs, I mowed my second cutting of hay last week. And then it got rained on and was completely ruined.  Although, one benefit of mowing by hand is that (while it took hours of work) only the equivalent of a bale or two was lost.  Also, my arms are buff and I have thoroughly explored Tolstoy's literary exposition on the subject.

The cat is no longer in heat, which means she is far less annoying.  Unfortunately, she is celebrating by renewing her interest in bringing more live animals into the house.  This has included one thoroughly alive bird.  I am celebrating by making a phone call to the vet.  Enjoy those ovaries for the next few days, my feline friend.

As for the goats, they decided to play Houdini again.  I came home from a long day of running errands, arms laden with grocery bags, to find Cupcake peering quizzically around the corner at me, goat poop confetti covering the porch.  I soon figured out they were scrambling under a hole they made in the fence.  This was quickly stopped by a blockade of cinder blocks--quintessentially redneck fencing repair.

My kefir grains died.  Overcome by mold, it appears.  That was a somber discovery; my juice will be forever lacking a tart, milky flavor, and I'll actually have to make a sourdough starter for my bread.

Well, that covers the last week or so.  Not exactly exciting, yet never a dull moment :).

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