Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Book List: The Year of the Goat

I finished The Year of the Goata few days ago and had mixed feelings after its conclusion.  In brief, it is an overview of the entire goat world from the perspective of a city dwelling woman who decides to give up everything for a life with goats in the country.  She travels the entire U.S. (and Europe, on occasion) with her boyfriend for a year of research before taking the plunge.  Part foodie travelogue and part goat industry survey, the variety of people and places described in the book were captivating.  There were visits to slaughterhouses, interviews with mountain dwelling pack-goat owners, and trips to the cheese caves of upper crust restaurateurs.  There was no shortage of material to draw from.

That said, I guess the author just kind of annoyed me.  That is a lovely critique, I know.  More than anything, it was the way the decision was painstakingly drawn out--a full year of "But, do we really want goats?"   My active nature struggled through that aspect of the book, and I found myself regularly coaxing the author, "Just buy a dang goat already!"  I anxiously awaited an end to the year of decision, dragging through the author's constant barage of self-encouragement.  The epilogue then explains that she waited yet another year and a half after The Year of the Goat to buy her first goat.  Well, I'm sure she was well researched.  Her first goat milking experience probably did not occur in her kitchen.


  1. Tera-Sky you have told about Aunt Wilma so well I felt like I was a kid again and seeing her then, THANK YOU Rick Howell

  2. Tera-Sky Rick again I feel the same way about what you have written on Uncle Vernon also, you have such a way of getting to look to the time I spent with you grandparants,your father, your aunt and your uncle in Mich. and TN. Please keep bloging because I will keep reading.

    1. Thank you so much! One of my favorite things about writing is being able to share about the wonderful people in my life. It has been great to meet new relatives, too!