Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A Dairy Goat Homestead: Buying Our First Goat

(Previously posted as "Elementary Goat Buying Techniques")

I never really thought I would own goats, as my heart was set on purchasing a horse as soon as financially feasible. Unfortunately, that looked like it would be a long road. Goats eat a lot less (and they actually produce something) so that route made a lot more sense for our fledgling homestead.

It was early spring when we drove to a farm down the road to look at our prospective addition. Cupcake was an Alpine/LaMancha cross and already in milk. I had never milked an animal in my life. However, being a breastfeeding mother, I was familiar with the concept and figured that every breastfeeding mom innately knows how to get milk out of an udder. We left with Cupcake riding happily in the backseat of our pickup.

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goat in car

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