Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Thankfully Weary

I am going to momentarily break from my hardcore homesteader facade to admit something: I am tired.  I am completely exhausted, utterly depleted, and thankfully weary.  We have had a busy spring, followed by a busy summer, followed by a busy fall.  I had the brilliant (slight sarcasm here), yet necessary idea of building a barn immediately following harvest season.  The free moments in between throwing around hammers and school books have been filled with births, deaths, and breedings. I feel so blessed to live the life that I am, and I am in awe at how God has provided and sustained us this year. We have stored away nearly all the fruit and veggies we will need this winter, there are 22 organic chickens in our freezer, our wood is cut and stacked, our barn is nearly finished, and most of our goats are bred. Now, all I want to do is sit on a couch by the fire with a hot chocolate and a good book. While wearing my classy union suit.  And not get up until March.

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