Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Milking Does and Chasing Kids

Well, we are well past Nibbles' due date and have come to terms with the fact that she was never pregnant. Fortunately, Cupcake and Moon are producing a combined 3/4 gallon per milking, which is plenty to keep my refrigerator fully stocked. Meanwhile, Nibbles is rather joyous to be free of my prodding hands on her belly, checking for signs of a kicking baby or filling udder. She frolics with the growing kids and continues to be our most comical and complacent goat.

The kids are getting fairly large now and are always creating mischief.  We finally blocked all escape routes from the pasture, much to the delight of my orchard, herbs, and vegetable garden. Previously, the babies could squeeze through the gates and found intense satisfaction in keeping my yard nicely pruned. We secured them just in time, as my body has recently decided it is quite tired of chasing goats up and down these hills.  The twin boys are up for sale, so hopefully we will be down to a herd of five in the near future.

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